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Multi-Field Clinic of the XXI century

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International Scientific Congress
“Multi-Field Clinic of the ХХI Century.
Innovations in Medicine – 2019

April 18th-19th, 2018



Dear colleagues!


          The Federal State Budgetary Institute “The Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine” EMERCOM of Russia (NRCERM EMERCOM of Russia) is glad to invite you to take part in the International Scientific Congress “Multi-Field Clinic of ХХI Century. Innovations in Medicine - 2019”, which will take place April 18th-19th, 2019.

  Congress venues: 

  Clinic No. 1: 4/2 Academic Lebedev St., Saint-Petersburg, Russia;                                     Multi-field clinic No. 2: 54 Optikov St., Saint-Petersburg, Russia.




          Leading Russian and foreign specialists gather together for the 6th time motivated by the dynamic development of national health service, implementation of advanced technology, constant interest in using modern medical facilities and equipment, innovations in diagnostics and treatment. Best practice and open constructive discussions have become a Congress good tradition.


More information: nrcerm.ru and www.medicine-prof.com/vcerm-21vek-2019-en



Organisers (PRELIMINARY):

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM of Russia);

The Federal State Budgetary Institute “The Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine” EMERCOM of Russia (NRCERM EMERCOM of Russia);

Public Health Committee of Saint-Petersburg Government;

Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University; 

Saint-Petersburg I.I. Dzhanelidze Research Institute of Emergency Medicine; 


Regional Public Organization “Doctors of Saint-Petersburg” (RPO “Doctors of Saint-Petersburg”);

Картинки по запросу МЕЧНИКОВА

North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov


Over 500 leading specialists from Russia and foreign countries are expected to take part in the work of the Congress. There will be organized master-classes (surgeries with online broadcasting to the conference hall from operation rooms), exhibition of modern examples of medical equipment, medications and medical literature as well as online broadcast of the Congress via professional medical platform MEDICINE-PROF.COM:  www.medicine-prof.com/vcerm-21vek-2019-en

Main Topics of the Congress:

  • Comorbid states in cardiology and endocrinology;
  • Cerebral haemodynamics and haemostasis;
  • Disaster medicine. Arctic medicine;
  • New technology in endocrine surgery reducing the risk of postoperative complications;
  • Interdisciplinary approach in diagnostics and treatment of Gastroesophageal reflux disease and diaphragm hernias;
  • Aspects of medical aid quality;
  • Clinical laboratory diagnostics. Chronobiological aspects;
  • Modern technology in traumatology and orthopaedics;
  • Complex system of security and quality control in neurosurgical operations;
  • Reconstructive and plastic surgery in combustiology;
  • Experience in rendering of specialised medical assistance to injured in Chernobyl accident;
  • Providing infectious safety in departments with high risks of hospital infection contamination;
  • Angiooncology: relevant topics and future;
  • From request to the results of laboratory analyses: middle medical personnel and its role;
  • Ultrasound monitoring of  vascular access state for  haemodialysis.


Exhibition of Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals

It will take place in Clinic No. 2 NRCERM EMERCOM of Russia (54 Optikov St.) in the framework of the Congress.

We invite Russian and foreign manufactures to take part in the exhibition. 
Please contact the Organising Committee for more details.

Deadline to apply March 1st, 2019.


Participation in the Congress:

Oral presentation

Length of the report for plenary session – 20 minutes.
Length of the report for section meeting – 10 minutes.
Display material should be prepared for reproduction in multimedia equipment in Power Point.


Materials of the Congress will be issued in the form of a collected book.

Deadline for abstracts submission- March 1st, 2019.


To submit the report topic or your abstract please e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating in the letter subject “Multi-Field Clinic of ХХI Century 2019 – abstract” or “Multi-Field Clinic of ХХI Century 2019 – report”.


Guideline to prepare materials for publication:

  • The paper should not exceed 3 pages А4, in MS Word, Times New Roman, 14;
  • Margins: top – 2 cm; left – 2.5 cm; right – 1.5 cm; bottom – 2 cm;
  • Title – Times New Roman, 14, capital type, center justification;
  • Surname N. (name abbreviation) (О. – patronimic, if applicable) - Times New Roman, 14, ordinary type, center justification;
  • Name of the institution, city – Times New Roman, 14, italics, center justification;
  • Text – Times New Roman, 14, ordinary type, full justification;
  • Interline spacing – 1.5;
  • Indented line (paragraph) – 1.25 cm.

Abstracts will not be accepted if:

  • they are sent via fax;
  • they do not comply with the topic of the Congress;
  • they fail to meet the requirements;
  • they are sent after the deadline;
  • The Organising Committee reserves right for editing and correction of the abstracts and reports for publishing.

NB! Please attach the following information together with your report/abstract:

  • Full name;
  • Academic title;
  • Degree;
  • Affiliation;
  • Your position;
  • Postal address; Contact phone number; e-mail;
  • Section Meeting; Name of the report (in full, no abbreviation is accepted).



April 18th, Thursday

9:00–10:00  Registration

Atrium, Block of Medical Technology, Clinic No.2


Atrium, Block of Medical Technology, Clinic No.2

 10:00–12:10 PLENARY SESSION

Conference-Hall, Administration Block, Clinic No.2






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  • Полисан

    Научно-технологическая фармацевтическая фирма «ПОЛИСАН» – российский производитель оригинальных препаратов Циклоферон, Реамберин, Цитофлавин и Ремаксол.



    Циклоферон является низкомолекулярным индуктором интерферона, что определяет широкий спектр его биологической активности (противовирусной, иммуномодулирующей, противовоспалительной и др.). Циклоферон эффективен в отношении вирусов гепатита, гриппа и других возбудителей острых респираторных заболеваний.



    Реамберин обладает антигипоксическим и антиоксидантным действием, оказывая положительный эффект на аэробные процессы в клетке, уменьшая продукцию свободных радикалов и восстанавливая энергетический потенциал клеток.

    Цитофлавин - метаболическое средство. Все компоненты Цитофлавина являются естественными метаболитами организма и стимулируют тканевое дыхание.

    Ремаксол - сбалансированный инфузионный раствор, обладающий гепатопротекторным действием. Под действием препарата ускоряется переход анаэробных процессов в аэробные, улучшается энергетическое обеспечение гепатоцитов, увеличивается синтез макроэргов, повышается устойчивость мембран гепатоцитов к перекисному окислению липидов, восстанавливается активность ферментов антиоксидантной защиты.



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